100 Club – 2018/19

The Beech Village Hall 100 Club was started in May 2016, and has been running for 2 years. A membership subscription of £60 for the full year gets you 12 chances to win £200. Draws are held on the last Friday of each month, at the Social evening at the Village Hall, with the exception of December when the draw takes place at the Christmas party.

Last year we had 10 winners (8 winning £200 each, and two winning twice!) across the 12 draws, the final one being in June 2017.

Over the past 2 years the Club has generated a magnificent £3,737 for the Village Hall which has been used:

  • to redecorate the internal passage ways at the Hall, and
  • to contribute towards our next major project at the Hall, the refurbishment of the Annexe.

The Club is open to anyone over the age of 18 (except organisers of the Club and Trustees of the Hall) the membership fee and prizes for the new Draw are the same as last year, that is:

You pay £60 for an annual membership commencing 27th July 2018, entitling you to be entered in each of the 12 draws (equivalent to just £5 each month).  You may join after this date at an amount reduced by £5 per month, ie £55 if you buy in August. The monthly prize is £200. And as has been shown, you can of course win more than once!! As only 100 membership tickets can be bought, you will see that the odds of winning £200 or more are  high and over the past 2 years, over a quarter of members have become winners.

Membership is first offered to Beech Village residents, before membership offers are extended to others, so Beech Villagers should take early advantage of this to ensure they are 1 of the 100!

Click for 100 Club Rules



Stella Charman is this year’s 100 Club administrator, and you can now join online here. Or you can call Stella directly on 07860 236293.

Good luck in the Draws, and thanks from the Village Hall!

Nick Charman

Chair, Beech Village Hall Management Committee