100 Club Rules


Registered Charity No: 301738


  1. The subscription to the 100 Club for one number/share shall be £60 per year payable annually in advance. This will give members one number, which will be placed in 12 draws. Members may have and are encouraged to have multiple subscriptions.

  1. Anybody over 18 years can become a member of the 100 Club and you are encouraged to get family and friends to join. The 100 Club shall be limited to 100 members. Membership shall not be available to the Chair or Treasurer of Beech Village Hall Management Committee or to the Administrator or their respective immediate family.

  1. There is no provision to opt in/out on a month-by-month basis. The normal100 club year will be May to April.

  1. The draw shall not commence until at least 50 tickets have been sold, and in the event that not enough tickets are sold, then the cost of all tickets bought will be refunded to the purchasers.

  1. In the event that tickets are sold after the first draw has taken place, the ticket price will be reduced from £60 by £5 for each month after the 31st July.

  1. Each member is allocated a permanent number in the monthly draw.  This number shall remain the member’s provided their subscription is up to date.

  1. Members wishing to leave the 100 Club should do so at the end of the club membership for that year.  Refunds will not be given for people wishing to withdraw before the year-end.

  1. There shall be one prize draw per month. The draw for each month shall be made as close to the end of each month as arrangements reasonably allow. The draws will be made in the presence of two members of Beech Village Hall Management Committee.

  1. Monthly prizes will be awarded according to membership of the 100 Club for that month as follows:

    • £200 per prize

  1. The allocation of numbers and draw results will be available from the Administrator on request, or any member of the Committee. There will be updates placed on the Noticeboard of Beech Village Hall

  1. The 100 Club administrators will make all reasonable efforts to pay or post prizes to the winners within a reasonable period after the monthly draw.

  1. The decision of the Beech Village Hall Management Committee shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication.

  1. The Beech Village Hall Management Committee shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 100 Club members as is necessary.