BGs’ Summer Show Winners

Helen reading out the winners of the trophies

Helen reading out the winners of the trophies

The BGs Village Show on Saturday 20th September was a resounding success, with 60 individuals entering 187 entries into 32 classes – a brilliant response!

Here (left) is Wolfgang Bopp with his winning man-made cake.  Helen Lamb read out the list of the  winners of all the prize winners, alongside three of the four judges – Ray Broughton, Karen Hawkins and Clive Evans. The Poetry entries had been judged the night before by Tim Guilding as he was unable attend on the day. For more information on the judges, click here.

Ray was head judge and covered all the horticulture entries and children’s exhibits; Karen was the taster-in-chief of everything that had been cooked, plus the Children;s section, and Clive judged all the Arts and Crafts subjects.

All three judges then got together and judged the Scarecrows and then between them decided who should be the overall winner of the whole Show.

The list of all First Prize and Trophy Winners by class at the Beech Gardeners’ Summer Show are listed below: –

Margaret's winning Dahlia

Margaret’s winning Dahlia


  • Class 1     Single Rose – Colin Childes
  • Class 2    Floribunda Rose stem – Sue Robinson
  • Class 3   Three Roses – Helen Lamb
  • Class 4    Single Dahlia – Margaret Claughton also awarded The Jenkins Trophy for Best Flower in Show 
  • Class 5    Three Dahlias – John Claughton


Runner beans - beautifully laid out in their parallel rows

Runner beans

  • Class 6     Marrow – Imogen Gate
  • Class 7     Three Onions – Edward Neish
  • Class 8     Four Carrots – Allen Leech also awarded the Forester Trophy for Best Produce in Show
  • Class 9     Four Runner Beans – Chris Weaver     


Colourful apples

Colourful apples

  • Class 10   Three Apples – Sheila Sorby   
  • Class 11    Six Raspberries – Helen Lamb
  • Class 12    Five Plums – Helen Lamb


  • Class 13    Chutney – Elaine King, also awarded a cup for Tastiest in Show
  • Class 14    Jam – Ian Gibson
Man-made Cakes

Man-made Cakes

  • Class 15    Ladies’ Scones – Imogen Gate
  • Class 16    Man-Made Cake – Wolfgang Bopp also awarded the Golden Bowl for Best in Show

Floral Art

  • Class 17    Harvest Festival Display – Sarah Castle-Smith also awarded the Polly Chiverton Cup for Best Floral Decoration
  • Class 18    Miniature Arrangement – Helen Jayalath
    Miniature Flower  Arrangements

    Miniature Flower Arrangements

  • Class 19    Looking Leafy – Camilla Gibson  


  • Class 20    Vegetable into an animal – no entries
  • Class 21     Picture of a Garden – Claudia Smith
  • Class 22    Toffee Apple on a Stick – William Fleming  
  • Class 23    Sea Shell Collage – no entries
  • Class 24    Scarecrow Poem – William Flemming

Arts & crafts

The Textiles table

The Textiles table

  • Class 25    Photography: Local Wildlife – Malcolm Harris
  • Class 26    Photography: A Funny Moment on Holiday – Sarah Castle-Smith
  • Class 27    Photography: View Through an Archway – David Robinson also awarded a cup for Best Arts and Crafts
  • Class 28    Textiles: A View of Beech – Theresa Sharp          
  • Class 29    Painting – Memories of Summer – Sue Robinson
  • Class 30    Hand-made from fabric or wool – Something to keep you warm in winter – Chris Weaver
  • Class 31    Ode to Autumn – Sarah Castle-Smith
  • Class 32    Scarecrow – Gordon & Theresa Sharp

There was a table-full of cups to be won and although they are listed above, here they are again with some photos of the recipients below –

  • The Jenkins Trophy for Best Flower in Show was awarded to Margaret Claughton for her Dahlia
  • The cup for Tastiest in Show was won by Elaine King for her chutney
  • The cup for the Best Arts and Crafts was won by David Robinson for his photograph
  • The  Golden Bowl for Best in Show was won by Wolfgang Bopp for his man-made cake
  • The Forester Trophy for Best Produce in Show was awarded to Allen Leech for his 4 carrots
  • The Polly Chiverton Cup for the Best Floral Decoration was awarded to Sarah Castle-Smith – to her great embarrassment.  However, as judge Ray Broughton pointed out, she and Helen Lamb, as organisers, had each probably entered more classes in the Show than anyone else, to encourage others to follow suit. Maybe that’s a lesson for all of us next year – if you want to win you have to enter!
    All the scarecrows - aren't they scarey!!

    All the scarecrows – aren’t they scarey!!

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