Cricket 2009

Beech Village Hall & Recreation Ground

The First Beech Village Fun Cricket Challenge

Having been rained off in 2008, on Sunday 16th August 2009, we at last held the first Beech Village Fun Cricket Challenge (and the first Beech cricket game of any kind for some years).

The sun was shining, the pitch was set and we couldn’t have asked for a finer day. People started to roll up from 12 noon and we soon had a round dozen volunteers: myself, Peter Cox, Adrian Jones, Graham Webb, Ed Neish, Brian Wagstaff, Colin Childes, Paul Davidson, Phil Ladds, Hal Mohammed and a couple of visitors drafted in for the occasion – Sally & Alan Leech’s son-in-law, Mike Gibbs, and our friend Conor O’Reilly.

Cricket SL4Some people brought their own gear and had even managed to find (and fit into) their old cricket whites. Others, whose kit had mysteriously shrunk, managed to pull together various shades of white, off white and beige (we won’t mention Conor’s t-shirt, but then he wasn’t expecting to play!). But it didn’t matter what you wore, just as long as you enjoyed playing.

For those without their own gear, Beech Village Hall funds had kindly bought a whole set of brand new cricket gear for the occasion, and for this we are truly grateful. This means we now have no excuse not to do this every year!

Grateful thanks are also due to Hal Mohammed and his father Mario, both playing members of the MCC, who supplied a genuine Test Match Ball for us to use in the second half. It was great to see them at the game and we all appreciated the fantastic cricketing skills of all-rounder Hal who closed the batting (somehow managing to end up as my partner!).

The game

Cricket SL1

The decision was made to play as pairs, each staying in for a full six overs, with everyone else rotating the bowling every over. The score was then tallied up, less 6 runs for each time one of the pair was out.

The game started about 1.20pm, with a quick drink and chat during each changeover. After 3 pairs had played, we had a 30-minute break and everyone settled down to enjoy their picnics with the friends, families and dogs who had come along to watch, support and enjoy the natural merriment that is always part of any Beech social event. The game came to an end by 4.30pm, with the gliders and planes overhead getting a grandstand view of proceedings.


  • Peter & Mike – 9 with 3 Outs
  • Graham & Ed – 27 with 2 Outs
  • Adrian & Conor – 21 with 1 Out
  • Brian & Colin – 20 with 4 Outs
  • Paul & Phil – 15 with 0 Outs
  • Hal – 46 with 0 Outs

Highest score before penalties was Brian Wagstaff with 34 – he also achieved the highest number of 4s (six). Well done Brian – not bad for someone with a gammy knee! Special thanks to Hetty and Lucy Neish who acted as runners for Brian and Colin and did a fantastic job.

Also a very special thank you to Peter Kane who is responsible for managing and maintaining Bentworth Cricket Ground and had everything immaculate for us.

It was a great day out, something new for Beech and everyone enjoyed a real family event. We’ll definitely be putting it in the diary for next year and are considering trying to fit in a game at the beginning of the season as well as at the end – and maybe even some practice sessions on the Rec!

More pictures here – and keep a look out on the Village Diary for 2010 dates.