Photo comp

Beech Parish Plan

The winning entries in the Beech Village 2011 Photo competition may be found here.

The remainder of this page is the original entry form which is now obsolete.

A simple form (at the bottom of this page), some guidelines (below), your signature and YOU could be winning a prize AND helping depict Beech for the new Parish Plan now being written.

Purposes of this competition:

  1. To celebrate the 10th year/40th edition of the Beech Newsletter, to be published in October 2011
  2. To provide a picture resource of Life in and around Beech for the 2012 Parish Plan report
  3. To discover local photographic talent of all ages, and encourage local community projects

Who can enter, how many pictures, what picture subject?

  • Anyone, any age.  Child 0-10; Youth 11-16; Adult 17-1000 ! (on 15th June 2011)
  • Your pictures must depict Life in and around Beech. Within that description, there’s no limit
  • Skyscape, landscape, forest, buildings, projects, events, people, animals in the Beech area

Rewards for your efforts

  • The best pictures will be published in prime position in the October 2011 issue of the award-winning Beech Newsletter
  • Winners in each age group will receive £25 cash, a certificate and top billing on this website
  • Runners-up will also receive certificates; their work will take pride of place on the website


  1. That you live or work in the Parish of Beech, and can prove it
  2. That your work is yours alone and is recent – since 1st June 2010
  3. That you declare all your submitted material to be copyright free and unfettered

Technical details

  1. Only digital pictures are acceptable. You may use any digital camera – even a mobile phone
  2. Photos may be submitted here. Please complete the entry form providing your details, descriptions and declaration
  3. Photos and form must be submitted by 12 midnight on Friday 16th September 2011

Key dates

  • Sat 18th June: Project launched at the 2011 Beech Village Fete and Hog Roast
  • July 2011: Project promoted in the Summer edition of Beech Newsletter
  • 12 midnight, Fri 16th Sept: last date for photos and reply form to be e-mailed
  • Fri 30th Sept: Results announced at Village Social Supper – do come!
  • Oct 2011: Results announced in the 40th celebratory edition of Beech Newsletter
  • Nov 2011: Competition entries will be published on the Village Website
  • 2012: The new Parish Plan will be published electronically – perhaps with your picture

Older pictures of Beech?

If you’ve further interests and/or records from which one might build up a pictorial history of Beech, then please feel free to e-mail your ideas. Although these will fall outside the parameters of this competition, they could be of great use to the Parish Plan!

We look forward to hearing from you – have fun and GOOD LUCK!