BGs Christmas Party 2015

Sarah observing the 'goings on' at the Party

Sarah observing the ‘goings on’ at the Party

The Beech Gardeners held their Christmas Party at Ian and Kay’s house and there was a brilliant turn-out of 29 people.  Everybody brought a plate of food with them and the BGs donated the first drink from funds.  We had a “Birdie” quiz to fill in and later played charades – all on a birdie theme.The food was delicious and we sat around in the kitchen and dining room to eat.  David played some bird song recordings for us to guess.  There were 18 bird songs in all and a couple of people managed to guess 10 of them.  Only 2 people plus Sarah wore a ‘feathery something’ and Camilla won with her barn owl mask.

Thank you so much to Sarah and Helen for arranging the party and to Ian and Kay for having us all in their beautiful house.  A Happy Christmas to everyone and we will meet up again in the New Year – Sarah and Helen will be issuing us with a new timetable for next year – so watch this space.

Below is a gallery of a few photos taken around the room as people talked – click on the first photo and then the sideways arrows.