Secure your Contactless Cards

Beech Village Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators are delivering to every home in Beech two free wallets that can be used to protect your contactless credit or debit from random scanning by fraudsters. 

  • This is a Hampshire County project that Beech has been chosen to distribute. The County believes that the current technology of the wallets will enhance in protecting the risk of remote reading by illegal scanners which is a potential problem. However with fast changing fraudster technology this cannot be guaranteed. Our local resident David Robinson has been deeply involved in this project and his efforts are much appreciated.
  • Please note that the Watch cannot give advice on contactless payment security. If card owners are concerned about security they should speak to their Banks and credit card providers who do issue information on the matter. 
  • This is at zero cost to the village. Beech is fortunate to have been chosen as a pilot scheme.
  • As part of the scheme every household in Beech will receive 2 protective wallets, known as  RFID Card Sleeves FREE OF CHARGE with a note on credit card awareness.
  • By using the wallets we hope not only to improve the security of  your cards but to raise individual’s awareness with regard to scams and security generally. 
  • If there is sufficient interest from villagers then we will be able to obtain extra wallets, which we expect will be £1 for 4 wallets, which will cover production costs of Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch.

I have been using these wallets for a couple of months, and although initially an extra task at the checkout, using them has become second nature, with the assurance that I may be defeating random scanning. 

Colin Britchford, Main Coordinator of Beech Village Neighbourhood Watch