Did You Know: a Community Centre for all of Beech

As Beech has no Pub, Shop or Post Office, the Village Hall and Recreation Ground acts as a social hub for the Village.  The Village Hall is run by many  of your neighbours – and it is entirely run for your benefit as a Beech resident. 

We have a village party every last Friday of the month at the Hall where you can meet your neighbours, and eat for £5 or so – and the Bar is open! 

Every year we have a number of fun events, like Quizzes, and the famous Beech Fireworks in November – you can see the Calendar of what’s happening on the website (www.beechvillage.org.uk/events/), in your Newsletter, or on the fliers that drop through your letterbox.  If you would like to join in and help on some aspects of running this, you will be very welcome, and have fun in the bargain.  It’s a great way of meeting your neighbours!