Beech Village Summer Show – Saturday 23 September 2017

Sheila Sorby winning the cup for Most Entries and Most Number of Winning Points

The Beech Gardeners’ Beech Village Show went beautifully.  One of the judges, Ray Broughton, got caught up in the “suspicious package” problems on the M3 and took over 3 hours to get to us from Winchester.  The other judges got on with the job; Karen Hawkins judged the food and produce and the children’s entries, and Neil Pearce judged the photography classes and the paintings.  None of this would have happened without the organisational skills of Kathy Pearce, Sheila Sorby and Sue Robinson who arranged our timetables for us and got us at the hall on the evening before arranging the tables and getting everything ready for an early start the next day.  Most of the entrants turned up with their “stuff” from 9.0am and it was all arranged on the tables by the BGs ready for the judging to start at 10.00. As the judges made their decision on each class, the certificates were written out by the judges helpers, BGs Ian, Helen and Ann, and the lists were ticked off.  The points were added up and the lists of winners was compiled.  All very tense.  Ray eventually arrived at mid-day and did his judging very slickly.  The public were allowed in, food was served and

Kathy’s winning 3 Dahlias

Sheila started selling her plants outside the front door. Lunch was super;  soup and a roll, plus various hot and cold drinks, cakes galore etc.  Well organised, Kathy, and well done the team of her, Kay and Ian – all that washing up !!!

Finally the lists were complete and the prize-giving began.  

Below is a photo gallery of all the entries and the prize winners receiving their trophies.  Also below is a list of all the winners and runners up of each class.

Then came the prize-giving – 


Best Flower in Show
Sheila Sorby
POLLY CHIVERTON CUP – Best Flower Arrangement  Ann Bishton
Best Produce in Show
Elaine King ELSIE BOWL – Tastiest in Show  Andrea Pearce
EGG CUP – Finest Photo Malcolm Harris – Member of the Family BEST OF ARTS & CRAFTS CUP  LUCY FOXON – Wooden “Pig in a Pen”
STOODLEY CUP – Most points in Show Sheila Sorby BEECH CUP – Best in Show  Sheila Sorby
CHILDREN’S CUP Hazel Robinson – hand-made card BROWNIE CUP – for the most classes entered  Sheila Sorby
 1   Single Rose Elaine King Helen Lamb Sheila Sorby
2   Single Dahlia Colin Childes Sheila Sorby Judy Mortara
3   Three Dahlias Kathy Pearce  Sheila Sorby  
4   Indoor Pot Plant Sheila Sorby Kathy Pearce  
5   Best Flower Today Sheila Sorby Sue Robinson Ann Bishton
6   Three Courgettes Elaine King Doug Palmer Camilla Gibson
7   One Cucumber Judy Mortara    
8   Four Runner Beans Judy Mortara Wendy Essex Crosby Kathy Pearce
9   Three Onions Camilla Gibson Elaine King Anna Aungiers
10  Three Tomatoes Elaine King Doug Palmer  
11  Funny / Unusual Veg Camilla Gibson Anna Aungiers Sheila Sorby
12  Best veg in garden today Camilla Gibson Doug Palmer Elaine King
13  Collection of Herbs Camilla Gibson Sheila Sorby  
14  Three Apples Judy Mortara Helen Lamb Camilla Gibson
15  Three Pears Camilla Gibson Sue Robinson Judy Mortara
16  Six Raspberries Doug Palmer Sheila Sorby Ann Bishton
17  Best Fruit in garden today Helen Lamb Kathy Pearce  
18  Table Arrangement Sheila Sorby Ann Bishton Annabel Young
19  Arrangement in a teacup Sue Robinson Lucy Foxon Sheila Sorby
20  Arrangement – song/music Ann Bishton Sheila Sorby Camilla Gibson
21  Miniature Garden Kathy Pearce Ann Bishton Sheila Sorby
22  Chutney Camilla Gibson Malcolm Harris  
23  Jam / Honey Sally Cox Malcolm Harris Judy Mortara
24  Carrot Cake Andrea Pearce Lucy Foxon Anna Robinson
25  Savoury Tart Judy Mortara Kathy Pearce  
26  Scones – Men Malcolm Harris Colin Childes Ian Hardy
28  Items made of wood Lucy Foxon Richard Allshorn Doug Palmer
29  Soft Toy Suzy Palmer Judy Mortara Annabel Young
30 Hand-made card – Adult Annabel Young Judy Mortara Sue Robinson
30 Hand-made card – Children Hazel Robinson Ava Henderson Kieran Robinson
31  Photo – Solitude Colin Britchford Malcolm Harris David Robinson
32  Photo – A Member of Family Malcolm Harris Sue Robinson Sheila Sorby
33  Photo – In Action Colin Britchford Malcolm Harris Saman Jayalath
34  Photo – Humerous Caption Malcolm Harris Colin Britchford Sheila Sorby
35  Painting – Seascape Cheryl Thomas Annabel Young Sally Cox
36  Patio Feature Sheila Sorby Helen Lamb Kathy Pearce

The results above have some names missing – some people forgot to put a name card under their exhibit.

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