Ray Broughton visiting the BGs

Ray presenting Sheila with her cup

Beech Gardeners were visited by Ray Broughton on Wednesday 5 April at Kathy’s house, to give us one of his many talks.  Ray’s topic was “Gardening on Chalk”, a subject that must be very close to the hearts of those of us Gardening in Beech.  

Ray has judged the entries at our Beech Village Show in recent years and is highly respected in the horticulture world.  

About 11 of the BGs turned up and Ray’s talk was fascinating.  Suzy Palmer kindly did a write-up for us on Ray’s wise words and if you click here it will open up on a separate screen.  One small item which Suzy left out is a tip when sowing grass seed and that is to mix it with the compost or topsoil that you are going to use, put it in a black bin bag for 4 days, which will make the seed swell, and then broadcast it and rake it in.  The seed will have swollen and the birds will ignore it.  The times I chased Mr Pheasant and his 2 wives off our newly seeded area were uncountable.  I wish I had know that fact.