Another 100 Club winner at October Social

Congratulations to Rodger Crozier, who held the lucky ticket that was drawn out of Saman’s golden box on 28th October, winning last month’s £200 prize. He joined previous winners Nigel Sillick (September) Colin Paynter (August), Peter Tarbutt (July) and Debbie and Neil Robertson (June).

You can still join in the 100 Club, or even buy a second ticket, at a cost of £35 with still 7 chances to win.  Please contact Saman Jayalath on 257287, or e-mail

The 100 Club began this year as an initiative to generate funds for the Hall in a fun and exciting way. Why are we raising funds and what do we need the money for? Well, the Management Committee would very much like to make improvements to the Hall faster than we can currently manage. There are a number of things to do, some of which are planned and budgeted for in advance such as the current improvements to the loos (which are looking great!) but other expenses, such as the roadside trees that need felling, divert funds from other planned improvements. Our ‘wish list’ below all goes towards keeping the Hall up to a good standard for the Village.

100 Club

  • Cladding the Annexe to rid it of the perpetual damp problem, redo the Annexe toilets, so they are smarter, and allow us to get that into better use.
  • Acquire a new Marquee for summer use, letting out to Villagers, and for weddings, as the old ones had passed beyond being useful, and have been disposed of.
  • Better and extended play facilities for the children, including the teenagers (we are also applying for grants)
  • A new logia type extension to the Hall, in the area beside the kitchen and the Main Hall at the back which will allow another area for dancing or sitting and eating, in quieter surroundings, if music is playing in the Main Hall.

The 100 Club, besides being a fund-raising initiative, provides some excitement at Village Socials, where the monthly draw takes place. For a £60 annual ticket (equivalent to £5 per month), 100 Club members have the opportunity to win £200 at every monthly prize draw.  Whoever wins the monthly prize draw, gets their names put back into the pot and can thus potentially win more than once. The sixth draw will be at the Village Social on 25 October.