13th Annual Abbey Lecture – Perspectives from Palestine

Friday October 16th, 7pm

The 13th Annual Abbey Lecture will be given by Tim and Mayonne Coldicott,  from Frensham,  Surrey.

Perspectives from Palestine

Palestine imageTim and Mayonne Coldicott will be sharing things they have learned during two intensive study tours to Israel and Palestine in 2013 and 2014, and subsequent hosting in Frensham.  They met with experts, local people, Jews, Christians and Muslims, and listened to their experiences and their ideas.  From Galilee in the north to the South Hebron Hills and Gaza border they encountered people who are refusing to be enemies, are determined to preserve their ideals and, in the face of occupation, by existing, are resisting.  Israelis and West Bank Arabs working for peace with justice more than ever want the international community to hear their stories and support the alternative to constant conflict and fear.

The issues are becoming more pressing.  The recent general election in Israel has sharpened the sense of dilemma facing Israelis – is there any longer scope for a two state solution?  And if not, what democratic alternative is there?  Meanwhile the plans for continuing development of illegal settlements, and the associated land confiscations and house demolitions, make the dilemma even more immediate.

Tim and Mayonne give examples with film, photos and commentary that are shocking and challenging. Others are heart-warming, giving room for optimism, but the proviso is that civil society in the West maintains its interest and concern about the human rights of all peoples in the Holy Land.

There will be time for questions and discussion.

Tim’s first visit to Israel was in 1962 when he worked on a kibbutz.  In 1968, 6 months after the Six Day War, they visited Israel and the West Bank together.

Tim worked as a Business Consultant, before changing careers, becoming a Family Therapist.  He worked at a hospital for adolescents, an Eating Disorders Unit, and with adults, and continues to supervise other therapists.  He is a qualified glider pilot, has a long-standing interest in the theatre and finds 7 grandchildren and a 1 acre garden provide a great diversion.

Mayonne worked as a Counsellor prior to a career in Human Resources in a wide variety of industries.  Later, self-employed, she combined these experiences, helping people who had lost their jobs back into satisfying employment. In retirement, voluntary commitments include management of the local community shop, and time with hospice patients.

  • Zaytoun and Hadeel Products will be on sale, to support the Palestinian efforts to help themselves.
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