Extra family-friendly social this month – Friday 31st July

bbq2Following a discussion with a number of residents at the Beech Village June Social, the start of the July Social, which will be a BBQ, will be brought forward to 6.30pm to make it easier for those who would like to to bring their children or grandchildren along.

When is it?

The last Friday of the month, of course! Which this month means Friday 31st July.

Please note that children are not excluded from the normal Socials!  It’s just that we are aware that the earlier start is better if you have little ones, and they can play outside, weather permitting, before it gets dark.

Stella is also seeking one or two volunteers to ‘man’ (or ‘woman’) the barbecue, so if that’s something you or someone else in your family would enjoy doing please let her know or phone her on 563046!  Shopping will be done for you so no need for any preparation, just turn up at 6.30 ready to cook and earn your village brownie points!