Alton Abbey news

Cloister garden 1June 6th and 7th were beautifully sunny,  which was a real bonus for Alton Abbey, who held their Open Garden and Plant Sale that weekend.  Three hundred people came to visit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, listen to the organ, and of course buy plants.  Teas did well,  as did the other fund-raising ideas,  and a total of over £2500 profit made the whole venture a great success.

Fund-raising is vital for the Friends of Alton Abbey as there is always something needed that the Monastic Community cannot afford to buy.  Recent purchases have included a wood-burning fire for the Guest Common Room, and a new boiler for the Guest House heating and hot water, whilst cheaper items have been new chairs, an urn and mugs for the guest area.

One of the important aspects of opening the gardens to visitors is the number of people who have never come to the Abbey before, in spite of living in the area for years.  We are always delighted to learn that new folk have found their way there,  and are always welcome to return,  to services in the Abbey Church,  or just to wallow in the tranquillity.

The next event will be Hymns and Pimm’s on Friday 31st July at 7.30pm.  The hymns will take place in the church,  followed by Pimm’s in the cloister garden for £5.  If you would like to come to this very popular evening please contact the Guest Master, Br John OSB, to be sure of a seat in church.

To  buy tickets:   please send a cheque and SAE  to “Tickets for Friday 31st July”

Alton Abbey, Abbey Road, Beech,  Alton, GU34 4AP, giving a phone number  and/or  email address

Cheques  should be made  payable to  “Friends of Alton Abbey”

Tel:  01420 562145, or email for more information.