A very British occasion

Bonfire 3 detail small
The Beech Fireworks Display 2014 very nearly did not happen. It had rained hard all afternoon, and the team managing the event had a very last minute decision to make when the rain finally began to ease off in the very nick of time.

As this is not a pre-ticketed event, we also had no idea how many villagers would turn out in their raincoats and boots after such a soggy afternoon.  We were hugely encouraged when we saw the number of hopefuls gathering at the Village Hall, who were not to be put off by such a paltry thing as a drop of rain, so we took the decision that “the show must go on”.  And what a good evening it was.

Setting off the firework display, making and firing the bonfire, the preparation and serving of all the food and drinks, setting up the ground, marquees and so on, and ensuring the safety of the villagers takes a large number of people and some coordination. Bonfire 4 detail small

In all 26 villagers took part in running this annual event – it shows what a strong community we are, and how we can put up a great team effort. All of the team coped with the last minute moving target very well – the Dunkirk spirit let us carry it all off with great good humour, and cool heads (they were a bit soggy too, as it had not stopped raining completely).

The torchlight procession was,  as always, the very atmospheric event that is one of Beech’s special things. It is a fun, spectacular and involving way to start the bonfire and fireworks display. The fireworks were impressive, and the bonfire went with real gusto, in spite of its recent drenching. The hotdogs, beef-burgers and mulled wine were much in demand.

All the cheerful people attending seemed very understanding about the late decision.  In fact we heard some congratulations for putting it on and not cancelling, in spite of the weather.

Many thanks to Steve Gregory for the fabulous photos above and in the gallery below!