Visit to the Armstrong Garden

Martyn's Sweet Williams??

Sue’s Sweet Williams

We visited Martin and Sue Armstrong’s garden on Kings Hill, Beech on Wednesday evening 2 July, 2014 and it was a beautiful warm, sunny evening.  They had laid on wine and nibbles for us and also the most glorious cup cakes – carrot cake flavoured – about 20 of us turned up and scoffed the lot.  We gathered on the patio admiring the new pond and plants round it.  Martin says fish and water lilies are due sometime.

Martin had rigged up a slide show for us and showed us the “before” and “after” of his lovely garden.  They had been saddled with three enormous trees behind and really close to the house – a full grown oak and 2 giant firs.  After having them felled Martin set about removing the huge stumps with a digger.The difference to the light in the house must have been amazing and also to have a view up the garden.

They then set about clearing the garden and setting it out using hose pipes to give it an interesting shape.  They planted it out and included a vegetable garden, a fruit cage, a couple of herbaceous borders and a lawn.  The path up the left hand side had only been laid recently and was magnificent.

We all strolled around the garden, drink in hand, admiring everything.  We even talked to the chickens at the top of the garden, and looking back had a wonderful view of the opposite hillside.

Helen then brought us up to date with plans for the remainder of the year and we finally departed just before dark.  Thank you Martin and Sue for having us all.

Photos below

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